How to be a poor employee!

Here are some tips for those who wish to be not so good at their jobs!

  1. Fail to deliver results;
  2. Show up late to work;
  3. Don’t show up at all;
  4. Leave early from work;
  5. Gossip too much;
  6. Be late on assignments;
  7. Don’t follow through on assignments;
  8. Complain too much;
  9. Don’t develop yourself;
  10. Lack initiative;
  11. Don’t communicate properly;
  12. Deliver poor quality work;
  13. Refuse to listen to instructions;
  14. Have contempt for your employer;
  15. Refuse to learn new skills;
  16. Steal from your employers;
  17. Be rude to colleagues and customers;
  18. Be untidy;
  19. Be disorganized;
  20. Lack team work;
  21. Have a bad attitude;
  22. Be lazy;
  23. Spend too much time on social media while at work;
  24. Don’t respond to emails;
  25. Don’t answer or return calls from colleagues;
  26. Argue too much;
  27. Be insubordinate;
  28. Abscond from work;
  29. Tell lies;
  30. Don’t keep your promises;
  31. Hold grudges;
  32. Refuse to save and invest your salary;
  33. Carry too many salary loans;
  34. Live beyond your means;
  35. Break the rules;
  36. Lack ambition;
  37. Lack self confidence and assertiveness;
  38. Steal from customers;
  39. Lack understanding of how your company and industry operates;
  40. Share business secrets with competition;
  41. Start a business which directly competes with your employer;
  42. Defraud your company;
  43. Refuse to fit into the company culture;
  44. Give too many excuses for not doing the work;
  45. Misuse company property;
  46. Lack integrity;
  47. Do the bare minimum;
  48. Refuse to develop others;
  49. Play too much politics instead of working;
  50. Have inappropriate relations at work;
  51. Lack focus;
  52. Claim you’re bored at work;
  53. Hate or dislike your work;
  54. Refuse to take on tasks outside your job description;

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