Money Hustle

We shall be having our first session of the Money Hustle this afternoon online. The Money Hustle is an innovative financial education program for individuals and entrepreneurs.

It’s a one year personal growth challenge and it equips participants with basic financial skills to grow and sustain their lives. It’s based on a group model of learning where members learn together and support each other to achieve their dreams.

The participants learn in small groups (10 to 15 people) and develop mutually beneficial relationships. The program is delivered largely online with limited sessions in person. The program is highly personalized as it is delivered in small groups.

This is a practical program based on personal experience and lots of research. It blends elements of psychology and behavior finance to instill key money habits among the participants

Sessions are held virtually every month. Different speakers will brought on at the end of each module. At the end of the course each participant should be able to walk away with a written personal financial plan which they have developed personally and are intent on following. 

The program is divided into four modules. Participants can choose which modules they wish to participate in. Each module is done in 3 months.

  • Module 1: Personal Finance (psychology of money, principles of financial planning, budgeting, debt management, money personality)
  • Module 2: Business Finance (financial management, fund raising, revenue/debt management, cost management, business planning, cashflow management)
  • Module 3: Investment Planning (portfolio analysis, investment decisions, risk evaluation)
  • Module 4: Your personal financial plan (personal financial health check, estate planning, retirement, family finances, insurance, etc.)

The program comes with the following FREE benefits/resources:

  1. A FREE copy of my book – Take Charge of your Money by John Ntende;
  2. Knowledge and information valued at over UGX 10 million distilled in a simple to understand fashion;
  3. Membership to an exclusive WhatsApp forum dedicated to helping you grow financially (all questions and inquiries will be addressed here);
  4. Monthly one on one coaching call with one of the leading experts on personal and business finance in the country (The Money Engineer);
  5. Interaction with like minded peers eager to grow financially;
  6. Interface with different experts on different topics;
  7. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If anyone goes through this entire program, applies all the principles learned and they fail to either save, invest, or earn an additional UGX 1,000,000 within 12 months then we shall reimburse their tuition;
  8. FREE tools, apps and templates on budgeting, investment analysis, business plans, etc;
  9. FREE personal finance plan reviewed by The Money Engineer;
  10. Flexible and modular three-hour online sessions delivered monthly focusing on improving your economic well-being;
  11. FREE work book with all the templates and reference materials;
  12. Several FREE e-books (and many others).

The total program cost is UGX 1,000,000 for all the four modules delivered on a quarterly basis. Each module goes for UGX 250,000. Participants can choose which module to pay for and participate in. A discounted price of UGX 900,000 is available for anyone who pays upfront for the whole year.

If you’re are interested in participating WhatsApp us on 0788437543/0708724953 for more information.

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