From consumer to producer/owner

Transitioning from a consumer to a producer or owner is a necessary step in becoming wealthy. Most of the transition is mindset and the rest is tactics. The same thing applies when you transition from an employee to a business owner. You can be an employee and begin to develop a business owner mindset as you do your job. You can begin to treat you boss and organisation as one of your customers and then you focus on providing the best service you can in return for a commensurate pay. You can start to see entrepreneurial opportunities at work. Your colleagues at work are potential customers, suppliers, and business partners. Your organisation can be seen as a source of financing for your side hustles. If you work for a listed company you can buy shares and become an owner of the business you work for. For instance if you are a loyal customer or employee of any of the listed companies like Stanbic Bank you should also become a shareholder. This way you enjoy the services of the company, earn a salary, and yet also earn a dividend. You can also leverage your salary/income as a wealth building tool while still in employment.

The capitalist system is designed to disproportionately reward producers and asset/business owners way more compared to consumers/employees in the long run. So we need to strive towards becoming owners and producers rather than remain just employees/consumers.

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