How to identify and nurture your talents?

We were all born with innate gifts and talents. Discovering and developing these personal gifts can bring tremendous fulfillment and joy in our lives. The people who manage to make a career out of their natural gifts and talents tend to do really well in life.

The following questions can help you identify and nurture your talents:

  1. What are your hobbies? These are things you enjoy doing in your free time. These could be opportunities to develop these hobbies into profitable careers. If you enjoy cooking, you can transition this into a restaurant business or you can teach other people how to cook.
  2. What was your nickname? If you were called a DJ then maybe you should pursue music production. Many times other people see the gifts in us which we don’t recognize.
  3. What do people compliment about you? If people say your make up is always on point you should consider entering the cosmetics business.
  4. What do people hate about you? If people say you’re too organized you should consider a career which needs organized people like accounting or management.
  5. What have you volunteered for in the past? If you volunteered to teach nursery school you try out day care or a teaching career.
  6. What do your friends do? Your friends interests reflect the things which you enjoy doing as well. If all your friends are doctors a career in medicine may suit you well.
  7. How do you spend your free time? If you are always watching wedding programs you could be an event planner or decorator in hiding.
  8. What do you usually talk about? If you are always talking about other people’s relationships you maybe a couple counselor waiting to be unveiled. 
  9. What do you spend your money on? If you spend most of your money of new trendy clothes you should start a boutique business.
  10. Which television programs do your watch? A friend of mine enjoys watching nature and travel shows. It’s no accident that he is a tour operator.
  11. What is your personality? If you’re outgoing get a career which involves interacting with other people like marketing, sales, etc. Introverts tend to do better in more technical roles like Engineering, etc.
  12. What do you day dream about? The things you are always dreaming about maybe the things you need to do.
  13. What do you fear most? Your greatest fears may point you to the things you need to explore. If you fear losing money you should start a business. If you hate public speaking you should give it a try. Sometimes fear represents gifts or talents which are afraid to be expressed.
  14. Which groups do you belong to? Your peers usually represent your interests. If you’re in rotary a career in charity maybe a good option.
  15. What advise do people ask from you? The things people ask you about may indicate the things you’re good at.
  16. What kind of books or magazines do you read? The books you read might indicate the things you’re subconsciously interested in. Also consider which people you admire and follow on social media and what topics/interests you subscribe to.
  17. How do you spend weekends and evenings? Do a time audit of your weekends and evenings. These are the things which you enjoy doing and could potentially be careers to pursue.
  18. What things have you excelled at? What competitions did you win? These are your real gifts and you should explore them.
  19. What things do you do with ease? Some things come more naturally to you than other people. For instance I am naturally good with numbers. So a career in Finance and Engineering made sense.
  20. What do you complain about? The things you complain about may represent opportunities to express yourself by finding creative solutions to these problems.

You can do well in any area or business you choose and focus on. But you can do exceptionally much better in a field best suited to your gifts, talents, and personality.

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