6 Secrets of getting RICH

1. Pay yourself first. Remove atleast 10 percent of your salary/income and save it. Learn to live on 90 percent of what you make.

2. Get help from mentors. Read books on finances, business and investment. Follow the right people on social media who help you to grow financially.

3. Put your money to work. Save the 10 percent in a unit trust or fixed deposit or treasury bills and earn some interest. You can also save in the SACCO or provident fund or insurance scheme.

4. Don’t buy liabilities. Liabilities are things which take money out of your pocket like expensive personal cars and apartments. Don’t acquire liabilities using loans.

5. Invest in things you understand. Don’t fall for pyramid schemes and get rich quick scams.

6. Eliminate excuses. We can always come up with an excuse to defend why we are broke. We can blame the government, the economy, education, tribe, parents, nationality, the company, etc. The thing is no one cares! A better approach is to take responsibility and do something within your control to improve your finances. There are a million opportunities to get rich in an ethical way if we just look hard enough.

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