How to grow a pumpkin

The other day I planted some pumpkin seeds in the backyard garden. As I was planting the seeds something profound dawned on me. To be a successful pumpkin farmer you need to know a lot about pumpkins. You need to know the soil type, the pumpkin breed, the seasons, the market, crop protection, weed management, etc. In other words you need specialized knowledge or domain knowledge related to pumpkin farming.

Domain knowledge is defined as the knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline, profession, or activity, in contrast to general knowledge. In other words, the term domain knowledge is used to describe the knowledge of specialists or experts in a particular field.

To succeed in any area of life and business you need domain knowledge. You can’t just wake up and open up a dental practice without becoming a dentist. You can’t go into the export business without understanding the trade. You can’t become an accountant without studying accounting. Domain knowledge is acquired through study and practice. You can go to school or you can acquired domain knowledge through self study on the internet. You can learn through experience simply from trial and error. You can learn through apprenticeship. Acquiring domain knowledge in a field of your interest is generally more rewarding. It’s also better to acquire domain knowledge in a field which directly serves a human need. This way you can convert your expertise into some income.

Whatever the case you MUST gain a deep understanding of your profession or business before you can gain noteworthy success. For instance in our small manufacturing business you need to master the product recipes, production processes, customer needs, distribution, marketing, people management, quality control, supply chain management, financial management, inventory control, etc. When we started we didn’t know any of these things. We have just figured them out gradually as we move forward.

So if you want to grow pumpkins you first need to learn how to grow pumpkins.

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