Flirting with a bank agent

I received an interesting call from a bank agent. She had an attractive voice and her only objective was to entice me to take a loan. We shall call her  Nicolette….

Phone rings …. ring ring…. ring ring….

I pick up.

Money Engineer: Hello…

Nicolette: Hello John, how are you today, I am called Nicolette, and I am calling from XYZ bank, do you have a few minutes so I can share a great deal with you?

Money Engineer: Hi Nicolette, I am a little bit busy, perhaps we can do this later?

Nicolette: You sound like a busy and serious man, I would not want to waste your precious time. I promise it will take only 5 mins, pliiz,… pliiiz,,,,,

Her voice sounded infatuating like a damsel in distress… and I decided to continue the conversation… as if to act like a hero in her story….

Money Engineer: Hi Nicolette, I will give you 5 mins…Nicolette: oh you’re the best, your girlfriend must be  a lucky woman….

Money Engineer: yes, my wife is a lucky lady…Nicolette: oh, you’re married…. this makes you more attractive! anyhow I was saying,,,, I have looked at your bank account and I see you don’t have any loans with us?

Money Engineer: Yes I cleared my loan some time back….Nicolette: well Joooohn, we have an offer you can’t resist….

Money Engineer: …well, I have resisted many offers but I promised to give you 5 mins…. and you have 3 mins left…

Nicolette: … ahaaa,…. haaa… but… Jonnnnnnnnnnn, you’re so funny… our interest rates are the best…. we can give you Ushs 250 million unsecured! can you believe it? You can pay it back in 6 years…. imagine what you can do with that money….

Money Engineer: That sounds enticing… but I have promised myself not to take out salary loans anymore….

Nicolette: Come’on Jonnnnn, don’t be too serious… life is too short …. have some fun… you can go for a vacation… you can upgrade your car…. I can assist with everything… I can come to your office… better still why don’t I take you for lunch so we go over the proposal…. pliizz….. plizzz… just hear me out…

My heart began to race at the thought of what I could do with all this money and the idea of meeting this sexy sounding temptress… I could upgrade my old beat up car, I could repaint the house, I could style up my wardrobe….. I could expand my projects… 

Then my boss walks into my office… “hey John, I need that report ASAP.” This prompts me to snap out of Nicolette’s seductive trance….

Money Engineer: You know Nicolette, that offer really sounds good, I am sure I could use the money, but at the moment, I am a little bit too committed. Let’s do this. Let me save your number and will get back to you when I have considered your offer.

Nicolette: Too bad… this could have been the start of a great journey… not to worry… I don’t give up too easily…. do you need a credit card? At least let me be your personal banker… call me up whenever you’ve any issues….

I could sense a change in Nicolette’s tone….

Money Engineer: No worries Nicolette, I enjoyed talking to you but I must go now. Will catch up later….

Nicolette: Alright Jooooohn, you sound so cool! bye.

She ends the call… I stare at my phone, smile…. shake my head and get back to work….

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