Money Vows

I attended a friend’s wedding in Masaka recently. As the lovely couple said their vows my mind wandered to what “money vows” would sound like. Money is a serious life partner and I think everyone should have their version of “money vows.” Here goes!


“When we first met, I never imagined this day would come, but now that we are here I couldn’t have imagined choosing anyone else but you to go through life’s journey with. I have spent my entire life preparing how to deserve you. You wipe away my tears and bring me exotic comforts. You enable my travels and fulfill all my fantasies. You endear me to lots of friends both real and fake. You give me a sense of confidence and self assurance unknown to many people. I can always rely on you to meet my needs and to ignite joy in other people’s lives. I love how you make me laugh, smile, and your caring nature. I promise to care for you and not to squander you.  Sometimes you leave me distressed when you are scarce and nowhere to be found. Then you show up unexpectedly and rattle my desires. This is why I am so crazy about you. I pray that you don’t forsake me. I promise to always respect you and not to lose you to anyone else. I will work hard for you to continue being in my life. I will nourish and multiply you throughout my lifetime. I can’t imagine where I would be without you, and I cannot wait to continue this crazy journey with you by my side, I love you.”

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