Intentional spending

I am frugal by default. However I tend to spend more on things which bring me joy and a sense of fulfillment. I am hesitant to buy a new designer shoe, but will easily pick up a good book from the bookstore. I am hesitant to upgrade my phone but will spend millions of shillings on building a financial literacy project. Personal financial management is not about pinching pennies. It’s about using money to amplify meaning and joy in your life. It’s about allocating resources (time, energy, money) to maximize returns (joy, happiness, health, wealth).

Spending money should bring you joy. That means you have to spend money on things you enjoy doing. On the other hand spending money to please other people and to keep up appearances will only bring you strife. Intentionally spend money on things which make you happy. There is a caveat though! You must earn the money first. So you need to use your available resources (time, energy, skills, qualification, money) to generate additional income which you can then intentionally spend.

As you spend money thank and bless the people you’re paying. Bless the landlord for keeping a roof over your head. Thank the Telecoms for providing a fair service. Bless the electricity utility for shining your light bulbs. When you’re grateful for money coming in and out of your life you will change your relationship with money. Spending money will become a source of joy and happiness. Eventually you will become more intentional with your spending and you will no longer feel anxious about money.

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