Success begins when you run out of excuses!

A couple of weeks ago Ms. D requested me to clean the chandelier in the living room. Habitually I came up with a long list of excuses not to do it. I argued how the chandelier was too delicate and I might break it in the process. I claimed I didn’t have the right feather duster to use. I said I didn’t have anything to stand on to reach it. I demonstrated how busy I was. I promised to do it the following weekend. Several weeks later nothing had been done. 

Eventually Ms. D co-opted our little girl, Lady T, to get me to act. Lady T wondered how a “proclaimed Engineer” could fail to figure out how to safely clean some lights hanging from a high ceiling. “I thought Engineers were supposed to figure out things,” she said, throwing her arms in the air. With this nudging I got up immediately, grabbed a wet towel, pulled a table and began wiping the lights.

As I cleaned, I had an epiphany. The moment I ran out of excuses, I began to clean. I realized that this applied to all areas of my life. If I let go of my excuses and feeling sorry for myself I can begin to do the things which matter. I can get in shape. I can make more money. I can start several businesses. I can have fulfilling relationships. I can be a better father and husband. I can be a better employee. I just have to let go of my excuses.

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