Why builders are happy?

Builders are happy because they are creating something meaningful. We are designed to create things and to strive towards some worthy ideal. That is why busy people are generally happier than the lazier people. A bored person is a lazy person. You can’t be busy building something you love and be bored and unhappy at the same time.

Whenever we are not creating something we are generally destroying something else. If you are not using your talents you are destroying them at the same time You are either moving forward or going backwards. There is no middle ground. This is because the world is always moving forward. So we either catch up or get left behind.

Being unemployed and sitting at home doing nothing is a curse. In this information age being unemployed is a choice. There are a million opportunities online. You just have to be willing to work for FREE. You have to be willing to CREATE something. You have to be willing to CONTRIBUTE. You should be able to create some CHANGE you wish to see. 

You have to develop a builder’s mindset to be happy. A builder is seeking to make some change, to contribute. She uses the available resources to create something of value to someone else. A builder is willing to go through the hardship to make someone else happy. A good builder doesn’t stop until her creation is complete.

And it is for this reason that builders are happy!

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