Removing constraints

A car can fail to move for various reasons. You may run out of fuel. You could have a puncture. There might be a mechanical problem. The road may have potholes or the jam maybe crazy.

The things which prevent the car from moving as fast as possible are constraints. Some constraints are external and some are internal. Some constraints slow down the vehicle while some render the car immovable. Some constraints are easy to fix and some are very difficult. Some constraints are within our control and some are not.

Getting the car to move is all about easing the constraints in its path. You want to focus on the internal issues first which render the car totally immovable. So fixing a puncture is more critical than fixing a broken wiper.
As you gradually ease the constraints the car begins to move. Easing constraints applies to goal achievement as well. Start by identifying and classifying all the obstacles in your path. Then remove the constraints which are preventing any forward motion. These are most likely to be internal rather than external. Focus on the constraints within your control which are easy to fix. Identifying and acting on constraints can help us to achieve our goals more effectively.

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