How to become more Creative

The World Economic Forum listed creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving as the three most important skills to succeed in the workplace.

The big question is how to develop them. Here are some ideas:

  1. Create intentional discomfort. For instance try to live on half your salary for a month. Trust me you will see yourself thinking very creatively.
  2. Learn a new skill totally unrelated to your work or speciality. So if you are a lawyer try and learn how to edit videos.
  3. Accommodate different ideologies. So if you are a Christian try and understand what Buddhism is all about. The reality is that there are thousands of belief systems out there and everyone is convinced there’s is the right one.
  4. Read intellectually stimulating books from different fields. So read about biology and the cosmos. Read about artificial intelligence and robotics.
  5. Listen and follow intelligent people online. Follow scientists, spiritual leaders, business leaders, writers, etc. who provoke your mind.
  6. Start a business. This is one of the most practical things you can do to improve yourself. You are forced to become creative, think critically and constantly solve problems.
  7. Write. Journalling is a powerful way to stimulate creative thought. As you write you force your mind to organise your thoughts in an intelligent manner.
  8. Physical exercise. Movement stimulates thought. That is why great business leaders like Steve Jobs would take walks to clarify ideas.
  9. Meditate. Meditation and some form of quiet daily reflection helps to tap into deep reservoirs of universal intellect. The best ideas often come randomly from space. Meditation taps into this store house of riches.
  10. Self development. Finally if you commit to developing and growing yourself you will become more creative. You will start thinking critically about the world around you. You will become a problem solving machine.

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