Use your hands

Today I did some work with my hands and it felt wonderful. My entire body is sore from all the manual labour. I built a small aquaponics unit in our backyard. This small system costs about $300 and can hold about 20 to 50 fish.

Old IBC tank

I used two old IBC tanks which I cut up using a grinder. I then assembled the system with the grow bed on top. We ferried some leftover aggregate to fill the bed. This was the most painful part.

Washing the aggregate
Cutting the tank with a grinder

Finally I seeded the system with some catfish from another pond.

Assembled system
Plumbing the grow bed

Learning to physically use your hands to build things is great training. There is a lot of hand eye coordination. You learn some valuable skills. In this case some bit of metal work, plumbing, carpentry, electrical works, aquaculture, and hydroponics plus a bit of agronomy. You learn some problem solving skills, trouble shooting, resilience, and hardwork. The kids learn something as well. Also you get to grow your own fish and vegetables. And it is very good exercise.

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