Filling a full glass

Today is a public holiday in Uganda. It is the day the country celebrates it’s heroes from all walks of life. Since I didn’t go to work I got a chance to relax a bit. I watched a captivating series on Netflix called Dirty Money. I played hide and seek with my lovely girls.

We had a sumptuous lunch in the front yard under the mango tree. This mango tree was planted by the estate developer who sold us our home. Thanks to him we are now enjoying the windy shade and the sweet music from the singing birds.

At the table sat an empty glass. I filled it with chilled water from the jar and quenched my thirst. I filled it again. At this moment another jar arrived filled with enticing cold passion juice. All the glasses had been used up. So I poured out the water from my glass into the potted purple flower besides the mango tree. I then filled my glass with the refreshing passion juice. The juice tasted like heaven on earth.

As I held the now emptied glass I contemplated on what had just occurred. In order to partake of the juice I had to let go of the water. Sometimes we dearly hold onto old notions and ways of thinking. This leaves no room to accommodate new knowledge which could transform our lives.

We need to be willing to let go of things which nolonger serve us and embrace novelity in our lives if we wish to become the best version of ourselves.

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