SPROUT like a seed

When you plant a bean seed in soil it takes some time to germinate. For the seed to sprout you have to water the area where you planted. You may also have to prepare the garden before planting. Typically you loosen the soil, weed, and add some manure. The germination period varies depending on the type of seed and the soil conditions. For instance beans take about eight to 14 days to germinate. 

Now you can’t really see the beans germinating until they sprout from the soil. But this does not mean that the seeds are not germinating. Sometimes we many feel as if nothing is changing in our lives yet we are working very hard. Like a bean seed before sprouting this does not mean that you are not growing within. The time to sprout will surely come sooner than you realize. Each seed you plant in your life has its own germination period. In the meantime focus on nourishing the seed within and creating the right conditions for it to sprout. As long as the seed is planted in the right conditions, germination is surely occurring and you will soon sprout. 

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