The not-to-do list.

Using your time efficiently is about focussing on a few things which give you the maximum value. A not-to-do list can help you become more productive by identifying and eliminating work that doesn’t produce much value. 

On this list, you can write all the things you do throughout the week that you’re not particularly good at, don’t enjoy doing, or that sap time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. Examples might include wasting hours on social media, idle gossiping, and house chores.

The idea is to “eliminate,” “replace,” “automate,” “delegate,” or “outsource” all the activities on your not to do list. For instance having a househelp can help with the chores. Hiring an errand boy/girl can relieve a lot of stress from shopping. If you can afford it a personal assistant can help to organise your life.

You can automate your finances and other business transactions to free up more time. You can hire a shuttle to take the kids to school. You can hire a reliable team to manage your side hustles, investments and businesses. I personally have a strong team which takes care of all my investments in return for a small commission.

Once you eliminate all the tedious stuff from your life, you’ll be able to leverage your time on what makes you money and what makes you happy.

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