Money lessons from a pressure cooker!

Water usually boils at a certain temperature (100 degrees Celsius). This temperature is known as the boiling point. To reach this temperature the water must a attain a certain amount of heat energy. When water reaches its boiling point it instantaneously changes state from a liquid to a gas (steam). 

The boiling point of the water reduces as you reduce the external pressure. That is why water boils at a lower temperature on top of a mountain. On the other hand the water boils at a higher temperature in a pressure cooker. That is why a pressure cooker cooks much faster.

To achieve financial success you have to reach a certain boiling point. At this point there will be a sudden change in state. All of a sudden people are going to notice your success. They will not realise all the struggles you have gone through. To reach your boiling point you have to acquire a certain amount of knowledge, skills, and experience before you can change your circumstances.

Just like water the more pressures you are able to go through the faster you will achieve success. The external pressures are designed to bring out the best in you and should be embranced.

Hopefully you will persevere until you reach your boiling point.

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