Decide what to do

A rich and successful life is made up of a series of tiny decisions made over a lifetime. Once we decide what to do we should have the courage to actually do it. Ray Dalio clearly illustrates this in his book called Principles.

Failure to make prompt decisions is a great cause of much suffering and misery. When we face setbacks we need to look back at our decisions and then make some changes.

Now is the time to make some decisions with your finances and life. Maybe it is time to decide to finally pick up and read a book on investing. Decide today to develop a financial plan for your life. Decide to acquire some new skills and change careers. Decide today to start a business. Decide today to start saving and investing. Decide now to get out debt. Decide today to live a sustainable lifestyle. Decide now to get in shape and change your diet.

When the next storm comes along (and it will surely come sooner or later) you will be glad you made some decisions today.

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