We see with our minds, not our eyes!

In a certain experiment a group of random people where give eye glasses to wear for a week or so. The glasses were tinted red on one side and blue on the other side. After some time the people were interviewed to assess if their perception of the world had changed.

Most of the people reported that initially everything they saw was either red or blue. But after a while they began to see the real everyday colors. It didn’t matter that they were wearing tinted glasses. A white car was still seen as a white car.

These people had a deeply seated view of how the world around them feels and looks. Even with tinted glasses the minds of these people perceived the world in conformity to its own deeply held beliefs. Our minds generally fill in gaps to form a coherent picture. We routinely distort, ignore, and delete bits of information which don’t conform to our world view. 

We need to be aware of these inherent biases in the way we look at the world. This therefore implies that to change what we see, we need to change our mindsets. We have to change the way we see things in order to change our relationships, money, and health.

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