Money lessons from Corona Virus

The Corona virus is causing havoc across the globe. Thousands of people have been infected and died from the virus. Amidst the fear and panic I have picked a few insights which could be helpful.

  1. One person can literally change the world. The virus originated from one individual and has spread around the world. Don’t be afraid to do things differently. You can easily cause a cultural revolution and make a lot of money in the process. Share and spread your ideas widely.
  2. The globe is interconnected. A seemingly random event in China has had an impact on our small business in Gayaza. Some equipment we ordered for from China has not been delivered because of corona virus. A lot of opportunities present themselves in an interconnected system.
  3. Take bold action. Business survival is paramount. This may call for drastic action. Many airlines and businesses have cancelled flights, laid off employees, in order to survive the pandemic. When you are hit with unexpected events react quickly to regain balance.
  4. Quarantine negative elements. To prevent further contamination, suspected cases have been isolated. Identify the negative elements in your life and isolate them to prevent them killing your dreams.
  5. Incubate. The corona virus incubates for about 14 days before it unleashes its lethal effects. Learn to incubate your ideas and projects for sometime. Results may not be immediate but they will definitely show up.
  6. Be prepared. Different nations are reacting differently to the crisis. The most important thing is to prepare for such scenarios ahead of time. Have contingency plans for when things go off track.
  7. Monitor and track. Real time monitoring as the crisis unfolds has been key to containment of further spread. Track your progress on the key goals you are aiming for. If you are off track implement contingency measures.
  8. Try different things. China is doing and trying different things to contain the virus. When faced with difficult scenarios try different things. Constantly evaluate what is working and keep trying.
  9. Continuous learning. To find a possible vaccine, a lot of research is being undertaken. Invest in new forms of knowledge to solve difficult and impossible problems.
  10. Communicate. Global communication is essential to resolving huge problems. We have seen a concerted effort to disseminate information about the virus on all media platforms. In a crisis communicate as much as possible. This prevents mass panic and helps to resolve the problem in a controlled manner.

In all cases stay safe. Limit non essential travel. Wash your hands constantly with soap and water. Use disinfectant often. Avoid crowded places. Wear a face mask in crowded places. Avoid physical contact with suspected patients. In case you have flu like symptoms immediately seek medical intervention.

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