Work for free

Amazing things happen when you begin to work for free. First you decide for yourself what to work on. You don’t need an appointment letter. In fact you don’t need a job to work for free. This immediately neutralizes the excuse of not having a job.

Secondly you work for a more meaningful reward than money. Money can only take you so far. True fulfillment comes from pursuing our passions in service of others.

Third. There are no time constraints when you work for free. Since your reward is not tied to the time you expend you are able to commit wholly to free projects. Working for free entails giving your time and service as a gift to other people. As such you tend to give the best gift possible. So the quality of your work is often perfect. The reward is in how you make someone else feel. As you give many gifts to many people someone will eventually reward you in the form of money or another bigger opportunity. Gifts by nature create a debt on the part of the receiver. Eventually the receiver of the free gift will pay you back in some form.

Fourth. As we work for free we engage in the creative process. The creative process is the means through which all physical things are brought into existence. Simple ideas in your mind are transformed into physical things. Money in its spiritual form is converted into physical money through the creative process. As you work for free you form a partnership with the Creator and you will be abundantly rewarded. Money can only enter your pockets through work. Working for free gives you that opportunity.

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