Think Win-Win

We recently landed a good deal supplying tomato ketchup to a restaurant chain. The negotiation was tough. The restaurant owner wanted a very low price which would render us unprofitable. We in turn wanted his business because he moves volumes and would allow us entry into a new territory. In the end we settled for a price which is agreeable to everyone. In other words we reached a Win-Win situation.

Sometimes we struggle to relate amicably over minor things. In some cases one person wants to win as the other party is losing. They prefer a win-lose situation. Unfortunately the person who suffers loss in not going to be committed to the relationship and will carry a grudge around. We need to trim our egos in our relationships and posture with humility instead.

Sometimes we pursue options where everyone loses. Heated arguments and fights never resolve anything. Both parties end up hurt, wounded and withdrawn. It makes no sense to settle for this option.

Thinking Win-Win requires that we adopt an ABUNDANCE mentality. This means we inherently believe there is a lot to go around for everyone. However thinking win-lose or lose-lose means we subconsciously have a SCARCITY mindset. We believe that in order for us to go up someone else has to go down or that we both have to go down. This absolutely makes no sense.

Achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM requires that we adopt a WIN-WIN mindset in all our interactions. Once we do our influence grows and we are able to get more done with fewer resources and in a shorter period of time. Eventually golden coins will take solace in our purses!

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