Money affairs!

Fred has a secret habit. He likes gambling. In fact he has secretly mortgaged the family house without his wife’s knowledge to settle gambling debts.

Winnie has been married for 10 years. She has secretly been building rentals behind her husband’s back. The husband recently found out. They are not talking to each other anymore.

Joseph had a one night stand. He broke it off with the mistress. There is a child involved. The mistress has dragged him to court for family support. The official wife wants nothing to do with the child.

Mary has a big job and earns way more money than the husband. The husband is a primary school teacher. He complains that Mary does not respect him because she has more money. He has recently started an affair with the canteen girl.

Suzan is a single mom who works very hard. She pays all of the bills at home. The ex-husband is struggling between jobs. He rarely contributes to his children’s welfare.

Peter has many wives and more than 10 children. He is constantly stressed by the excessive bills and school fees. He is fundraising for another kukyala next month!

Money is usually a thorny issue in many families. As we celebrate Valentine’s day I hope we clean up our houses. Let’s try to have a common understanding of our money issues and how we shall address them.

And gentlemen let’s not forget to celebrate the special ladies in our lives today.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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