The advantage of Small

I have worked with large international companies and small ones. Large organisations give you exposure to mature systems and ways of working. However they are often bureacratic and slow.

Small organisations like our manufacturing business are quite unique and can have many advantages.

Decision making is quite fast. We make decisions through Whatsapp or a simple phone call. No need for extended meetings and board papers.

Opportunity is much greater with a small business. It is much easier for us to double revenues than for a company like Stanbic to pull off the same feat.

You play multiple roles when you work with a small business. I have done HR, Admin, Finance, Strategy, Sales and Marketing, project management, product development, etc.

Things move much faster. The product development process is quite fast. We have brought four products to market in less than a year. We have developed an app to automate our sales process in one month only. In a large organisation this would have taken ages.

All big things started small. Don’t underestimate your small venture and/project. Great things abound as long as you stay focussed. Don’t be scared to start small. Small is GREAT.

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