Put first things first

“I want to lose weight.” OK. Let’s take an inventory of your daily eating routine.

“I wake up at 6.00am and prepare to go to work. I eat some chapati and a bowl of porridge. I then head to work. I usually carry two slices of bread with blue band. When I reach office I take some coffee. I sit at my computer most of the day. At around 10.00am I eat some mandazi and bushera. At lunch I eat a heavy buffet of all food. I attend many meetings and I am usually eating some biscuits. I rarely work out. At around 3.00pm I have an evening snack usually some cake. I then head home after 5.00pm. I usually pass by Hazari rolling chicken to grab some chicken and a beer or two. I reach home at around 8.00pm and have my dinner at 10.00pm. I then sleep at midnight”

“I want to be rich.” That is OK. Just answer the following questions.

How much money will you have by end of 2020? I am not sure.
How much do you save monthly? Not much. You only live once.
Do you have a budget? Budgets are boring.
What do you do on weekends? Just chilling.
Do you have any investments? My car.
How much debt do you have? Too many loans.
Do you have a job? No.
Are you learning anything new? What do you mean?
Do you track your spending? Why bother?
What do you do after 5pm? Just chilling with my friends.
What time do you get to work? 8.00am.
Are you building anything worthwhile? Does my wardrobe count?
Do you have any personal goals? I want to be rich!

Putting first things first means focusing on things which are IMPORTANT but not necessarily URGENT. This means prioritizing our day to day tasks in order to meet our long term objectives.

Our wallets will be gladly rewarded when we start putting first things first.

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