Omwavu escapes poverty

The #Omwavu hashtag is trending around social media. This my contribution to help Omwavu escape poverty.

1. Change environment. If you can, physically move from a poor environment to a “rich” environment. Moving from a rural village to a trading center may unlock some opportunities. Changing environment may also mean finding new people to hang around who are more progressive.
2. Become a busy bee. Even in a poor society there will be a few people who seem to always be working. Emulate these people. A busy bee can’t be poor forever.
3. Get an education. Generally speaking your income correlates with your level of education. Of course your education should be relevant to the society you live in. I doubt if we have many unemployed doctors.
4. Don’t get pregnant or make anyone pregnant. Young girls and boys in villages entrap themselves further in poverty by bearing kids while in school. Studies show a high correlation between early child bearing and poverty.
5. Become an apprentice. Work for free at the nearest carpentry shop or building site or metal workshop. In no time you will learn a valuable skill which you can trade for money.
6. Join a savings group. Most communities have some kind of savings group. Being in such a group will help to keep you enterprising and progressive.
7. Work hard. There is really no shortcut to escaping poverty. A poor man should work harder than a rich man. Many of our youths have shunned hard work for quick gains at the gambling houses.
8. Start a small business. Start a small business of any kind and you will be on your way to surviving poverty.
9. Find a job. Most people with a decent life are employed. If you can find and keep a job you will reduce the pangs of poverty.
10. Learn about money. The Kapo on the village knows about money. Buy him a beer and let him spill his secrets. If you can read this post it means you can pick up and read a book about money and business. Most radio and TV stations have a program about wealth creation. Just tune in and listen.
11. Make small investments. Find something you can buy now from a certain place and sell later in a different place. It could be produce, livestock, clothes, general merchandise, etc.

We are rooting for you, Omwavu, to escape poverty. We know you can do it. Most rich people we know started their lives poor. Being “Omwavu” now does not mean you can’t become rich.

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