When I DECIDED to share some money tips with my friends I opened up my laptop and created a Facebook page. I inquired with my wife what a suitable name would be. The Money Engineer name sounded good. And so the page was baptized “The Money Engineer.” I quickly published a simple quote and invited a few friends to like the page.

All this happened within less than 30 minutes on Saturday morning, February 16, 2019. And since then I have posted one article everyday. Today the page has over 5,000 followers and a post reach of about 500,000. Posting a daily article forced me to acquire more knowledge by reading over 100 books in 2019. Many people’s lives have been transformed through this page. I have since trademarked the name “The Money Engineer”, written a book, and facilitated three Money workshops. Plus I bought the domain name ““. I have also spoken to different audiences, and worked with several individuals and companies. I have met so many people through this page. I have now partnered with different organisations to spread this knowledge further. All this happened because I made a DECISION to START.

I share this simple story to show you what can be achieved when we make PROMPT DECISIONS and immediately ACT on them. There is something you have been putting off. You always find an excuse not to ACT. Maybe you are afraid of FAILURE and CRITICISM. Maybe you don’t feel competent enough. I want to let you know that I also suffer from these fears and lack of self confidence. But I don’t allow these fears and doubts to control my actions. And when you boldly step out to do something and you remain RESILIENT there is like an invisible hand which comes to aid you to achieve what you desire. This invisible hand will provide the necessary resources and mental strength. The right people and opportunities will be drawn to you. It is like the universe will conspire to help you to achieve your goals.

You just have to MAKE a DECISION to START.

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