Manage your energy

The game of money engineering is a tough one. The learning curve is steep. You often work long hours and multiple jobs. You may have to run different side hustles. You have to think independently and not follow the crowd. Plus you have traffic jam and then family. If you are not mindful about your health you will become overwhelmed by stress and you will burn out. I know a couple of people who have burnt out and trust me it is not a pretty sight.

There is a direct correlation between your energy level and your bank balance. The following are some of the things I am practicing to keep my energy levels up throughout the day:

Nutrition. I take a smoothie for breakfast. I eat nuts and an apple for break. I have also eliminated red meat and sugar from my diet. Plus I drink at least two liters of water daily. I have started doing a medical checkup on an annual basis. I have significantly reduced my alcohol intake.

Physical fitness. I walk daily for at least 15 mins. I also try to work out every morning for 10 minutes. I try to sleep for at least seven hours.

Constant learning. I am always trying to figure out the most effective way to get what I want. So I am constantly learning something. My default pass time activity is learning. This could be YouTube, podcasts, workshops, reading, etc. Most of the world’s problems including mental health have already been solved. I just need to find the people who have done it before and learn from them.

Spirituality. I have started meditating. The habit is yet to be established but I am on my way there. I also try and pray with the entire family on Sundays.

Relationships. I try to maintain positive relationships with a few close friends. Plus I am always seeking ways to improve my relationship with my family. We have one family outing a month. I also have one date night with my wife every month. Plus one family holiday out of the country per year.

So this is how I am trying to manage my energy and stress levels as I chase my ambitious MONEY GOALS. Let me know how you manage your energy in the comments below.

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