Make a BIG difference

I wish for you to make a BIG difference. You are fully in control of that difference. That difference is easy to make if you fully understand it. The bigger the difference the better for you and the bigger your wallet gets.

That difference is the difference between your ASSETS and your LIABILITIES. Simply increase your assets and reduce your liabilities. You increase assets by investing. The money you use to invest is obtained by trading your time and energy to serve a customer need. You decrease your liabilities by paying off debt and living within your means.

When the income from the gap between your assets and liabilities can sustain you indefinitely at your current lifestyle you can then call yourself RICH or Financially INDEPENDENT. At this point you no-longer have to work for money.

Question is are you willing to put in the hard work and mental resilience necessary to get to this point.

If you do you will have made a BIG DIFFERENCE in your life and family.

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