Dear Graduate

The Money Engineer

Congratulations on your recent graduation. A modest celebration is well deserved. I hope your parents and guardians are proud of you. A degree is no mean achievement. You have just entered an elite club with a total membership of less than 10% of the global population. To say the least you are priviledged.

Being part of an elite club we expect many things from you. I hope you have developed the requisite skills and mindset to make a difference to your family, community, country and the globe.

You are joining the workforce at the best time in global history. There have never been so many opportunities before you. The world is now a much smaller place. The internet has leveled the playing field. I hope you won’t just use your data bundles to be on Whatsapp. If well leveraged the internet can transform your life.

I hope they taught you how to seek out the opportunities before you. I hope you will not spend years walking down the street looking to do something which fits your qualifications. To be blunt with you, your qualifications don’t really matter much anymore. Make something that people need. Help someone else. Make someone happy. You won’t need a job if you do this. Do whatever job comes your way. If you do it well it will be the stepping stone to better opportunities.

I hope besides your degree you have been taught how to think creatively and independently. I believe your degree means you can now solve problems. I hope it means you can offer valuable service. I am guessing that you have become resilient and will not be overwhelmed by the challenges you are about to face.

I hope your learning has not stopped with your degree. Actually this is the begining of learning. Humility is the beginning of learning. Your peers in India and China already have multiple degrees. This is your actual competition and should be your benchmark.

I doubt if anyone taught you about money. Don’t wait to go broke to start learning about money. Please pay yourself first and set aside 10% of every penny you ever earn. Try and avoid salary loans. Save up and buy your first car instead of getting a car loan. No need to borrow. Start investing early before you get many responsibilities. You will thank me in a decade.

I advise you to find someone you trust and respect. Follow them and do what they tell you to do. Use social media to find these people.

There is no need to rush into starting a family. Prepare yourself and make sure you are ready for the responsibilities that follow.

If you can, move out of your parents house. You will never really find yourself if you are still under the care and protection of your parents. Part of growing up is learning to live independently. A man looking for rent and food has more drive than his buddies chilling in their parents sofas. And drive is all you need to succeed.

Realise that you are running your own race. Therefore don’t compare yourself with your peers. Some will get ahead of you. Some will look happier than you. Some will drive bigger cars. As long as you keep doing your best you will be fine.

Hold off on doing a Masters degree immediately. We don’t need more degrees in this world. What the world needs are people who can solve problems. People who can make a difference. People who are compassionate. People who can think different. People who think ahead. People who can make valuable things. People who don’t conform. Get some practical skills first. Learn how to make and do things. Do a professional qualification first. Get the skills you need to become more valuable. Get your hands dirty. Don’t allow your qualification to be a blockade to your blessings.

Now that the celebration is over it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And don’t tell me that you don’t have a job yet. You don’t need a job to work!

Good luck and all the best.

Yours truly,

The Money Engineer.

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