Life is not that hard. Smile. A genuine warm smile can diffuse any tense situation. A smile can radiate a boring meeting at work. A smile can make traffic seem OK. Smile at your troubles. It costs you nothing to smile. People are drawn to people who smile often. That is why we love little kids. Walk straight with confidence. Have a firm handshake. Speak up. Sit upright. Look people in the eyes. Dance. Put on some make up. Dress well. Polish your shoes. Comb your hair. Wear a deodorant. Bathe. Wash your socks. You don’t have to broadcast your problems to the entire world.

Your facial expression and body posture are a direct reflection of what is going on inside you. If you want to feel better you need to change your posture and facial expression. Countless studies have shown that you can change your emotions by changing your posture. Adopting a power pose before a big presentation has been shown to cool the nerves. Postures related to wide arms, standing, any kind of movement, smiling, etc. encourage one to open up and display confidence.

So the next time you find yourself feeling low, take a walk, smile and do a power pose.

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