Break the rules at work

I dealt with a robot the other day. She looked like a real human being but was as rigid as a robot. I was trying to get help fast tracking a Visa application. She would not even give me any attention. She simply kept saying, “we shall get back to you in 10 working days.” Surely I would never hire or recommend this lady for any other job.

Following instructions to the dot will not get you promoted at work. The people who get promoted are the ones who solve problems. They are the ones who will do anything to ensure the customer is happy.

Your current job is a platform to massive wealth if you perceive it well. I know a close family member who is excellent with people. He worked as a teller at one of the big banks around town. He told me this was the best job he ever held. He recalls gladly how he went out of his way to help different customers. He broke all the rules within limit to make sure his customers were happy. This got him rapidly promoted. These customers are very close friends of his. Through these relationships he has received a lot of favor. These “customers” turned friends sponsored him for his Masters program. They contributed to his wedding. He got his first car on credit from a customer. He has received business opportunities of all kinds from this network.

Money is a reward for service rendered. Serve diligently with a smile. Go out of your way to solve the customer issue. Offer help and try at least. Lobby internally for your bosses to make an exception for this customer. You never know whom you are serving. It could be your next business partner, investor, employer, customer, etc.

Don’t just be a robot at work. If your boss really wanted a robot they would not have hired you. You are expected to think and be creative, agile, and responsive to the customer’s needs.

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