How to stay broke

Here are ten ways to stay broke for those who are interested.

1. Be lazy. Just chill the whole day and do nothing productive. Spend most of your time on Whatsap and Facebook liking other people’s photos.
2. Spend more than you earn. You deserve the good life. You only live once – YOLO.
3. Get deeper in debt. Borrow as much as you can to support your lifestyle. Life is good.
4. Don’t invest. No need to risk your hard earned money in things which may not work.
5. Don’t save. God will take care of tomorrow. Why live like a pauper.
6. Don’t plan and budget. Life is spontaneous. Things will take care of themselves.
7. Don’t learn and do anything new. Why stress with books and new knowledge. You have everything figured out.
8. Have no ambition. Be happy with how things are. Have no personal goals. Relax and take it easy. Be content with life.
9. Blame the government and everyone else for your brokeness. If only the NRM leaves power I will become rich! Keep dreaming!
10. Impress everyone. Do everything to look good and be liked by everyone. Keep up appearances. Spend every penny to impress other people.

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