How to see opportunities

When I bought my little blue Premio in 2010 I thought I had arrived. Then something strange happened. I started noticing blue premios everywhere! How come I had not seen all these cars before? They were there all the time. This is true with opportunities as well.

We see with our minds and not with our eyes. We see the world as we are. We receive billions of bits of data every second. Our minds can only process a few bits of information at any given time. So we unconsciously filter, delete and distort the information we perceive through our senses. We do this through our internal programming of our mindsets. Our beliefs, values, experiences and attitudes affect the way we perceive things.

So if you are always negative you will only see the bad around you. If you are positive minded you will only see the good in people. If you believe opportunity is all around you then the opportunities will magically appear. If you begin advancing towards a clear goal the opportunities will align to help you achieve your dreams. The way to see opportunity is to start looking for opportunity.

Opportunity is all around us. There is a lot of money to go around for everyone. No one can keep you poor except yourself. Train your mind how to see opportunities and make a lot of money.

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