How to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind which is irrespective of one’s circumstances. A broke person can be happy. Happiness occurs when we are at peace with who we are and with the environment around us. A big bank balance will not necessarily make you happy. Fame and fortune will not make you happy. We have seen rich celebrities who have committed suicide. Achieving your goals will not make you happy. There are many unhappy successful people. You choose to be happy NOW.

I think happiness occurs when we achieve balance within our lives. We can choose to be happy despite whatever is happening in our lives. There is a simple concept called the wheel of life which can be used to gauge how we are doing in different aspects of our lives. The wheel of life typically consists of eight areas including business/career, finances, health, family + friends, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical environment. These different aspects are then rated on a scale of 1 – not doing well to 10 – doing very well. The results are then plotted on a chart as shown on the attached image.

The idea is to have a balanced wheel of life. We don’t want to pursue careers at the expense of our health and families. It is useless getting all these promotions and bonuses if you never spend time with your kids. We don’t want to lose ourselves chasing money at the expense of our spirituality by lying and cheating our customers. We don’t want to be too spiritual to neglect our finances by believing that blessed are the poor.

The wheel of life is a fun exercise which can reveal which area of your life needs improvement. The way to balance the wheel of life is through personal growth. As you grow all these other areas will improve and happiness will be a constant companion.

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