How to get capital

Lack of capital is rarely an issue for a resourceful person. There are many things which have to be addressed before one seeks capital.

For instance what product/service do you plan to offer? Who is your ideal customer? How much are they willing to pay? How big is your market? Who is your biggest competitor? Is your product/service unique? What is your estimated cost of production? What are your margins? Have you tested the idea? When will you break-even? Do you have a team?

How do you plan to market your product/service? Do you have the skills and experience to pull this off? Are you willing to work 24/7 until this project succeeds? Will you do whatever it takes to achieve success? Do you have a track record for getting things done? How much capital do you need anyway?

There is a lot of money patiently waiting to fund well thought through ideas. Banks are willing to give money to people who are credible, resilient and insightful. It is quite easy to get angel financing from family and friends if one is dependable and trustworthy. Where the business idea is very compelling then liquidating some of your assets can be an option.

If someone came to me with a great idea which has been tested, a good track record, and guarantee me a decent return while protecting my principal I would be eager to consider such an investment.

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