Create. Stop Consuming.

Rich people create stuff for poor and middle class people to consume. Capitalism tends to exponentially reward people who create valuable products and services. To become truly rich we need to develop a mindset of a creator. We need to transition our mindset from consumption to creation.

When you have a creation mindset, scarcity and competition disappears. Opportunities tend to quickly flash through your mind from simple observation of everyday life. Bill Gates is very rich because he created something so valuable to billions of people.

If you are constantly consuming stuff you will end up living hand to mouth and in debt. As long you are just a consumer in our society you will never be rich. You will always work hard to make creators and the banks rich.

So why don’t you consider creating something today? It could be starting a business. It could be mobilizing your friends to form an investment club. Why don’t you write a book? Maybe a blog related to your profession? Why don’t you invent something useful? Maybe it is time to finally register that company you have been thinking about? Maybe you should stop giving all your money to Shoprite and open up your own supermarket instead. Maybe it is time to act on that idea in your head.

We are born to create and to transform nature to fulfill our needs. As you create and solve problems your bank balance will increase.

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