What did you eat for breakfast tomorrow?

Whenever I catch myself worrying about money I tend to ask myself such silly questions. Like try to recite your phone number backwards. Or what is the third letter of the Greek alphabet? Or what is your favorite invisible color?

The issue is usually not the money problem but our perception of it. Imagine worrying about not having enough fuel for your car? Is this really a problem? How does everyone else move around?

Think of worrying about school fees for your kids? Is this really a problem? If your intention is knowledge acquisition there are cheaper ways to acquire knowledge through the internet. You can also find a cheaper school in your neighborhood.

How about rent? Where were you staying before you started paying rent? You can find a one room rental unit as well. You can share the space with a friend and split the bill.

How about food? How come you are still alive after all these years? Where has the food always come from?

See everything is relative. There is no good or bad. There is no big or small. There is no rich or poor. It is only our perception of these things that causes us either happiness or sadness.

Plus think of all the expensive yet free stuff you have in your possession. Do you know how much oxygen costs in the hospital? How about a 3D camera like that expensive pair of eyes? How about a small pump which runs 24/7 moving blood within an intricate vein network in your body? How about a supercomputer like your mind? How about a large bulb millions of miles away which lights up and warms up everything you see during the day?

So the next time you catch yourself worrying about money think of what you will have for lunch yesterday.

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