All living things are designed to be fruitful. Growth and multiplication is the natural order of things. I have done some bit of agriculture and the growth process is truly amazing. When you hold a tiny little tomato seed in your hands you can’t imagine it’s enormous potential. This little seed is capable of producing thousands of more seeds if put in the right conditions. It has a specific gestation period to bear a certain tomato fruit.

The quantity and quality of fruit it produces depends on many things. First you choose the planting season carefully. In Uganda you need to plant around April and September. This increases your chances of success. Next you prepare the garden a month or two in advance. You till the soil to loosen it and clear all the weeds. You then apply well rotted organic manure. Thereafter you apply mulch. You then prepare a nursery bed and plant the seeds. The seeds have a defined period when they pop out of the soil. When the rains finally come you transplant the seedlings into the main garden.

In the cases of tomatoes you have to spray a fungicide, pesticide, and a foliar fertilizer almost on a weekly basis. You then have to support the plant as it grows. You also have to keep on pruning and monitoring for any infestations. Plus you have to keep weeding and watering. Eventually if you do all these things well you reap a bumber harvest.

This metaphor of a tomato seed yielding fruit under the right conditions can be applied to our lives. We are all like seeds ready and begging to do GREAT things under the right conditions.

When Nelson Mandela’s parents held him for the first time as a baby they would never have imagined that he would end up liberating an entire nation. I am certain Bill Gate’s parents didn’t expect him to start a computer revolution which would make him the richest and most generous man in the world.

We are all born with enormous potential hidden deep within each one of us. We have almost the same exact DNA as Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela. We each have the potential to awaken the giant within ourselves and begin to manifest the results we were intended to experience.

So start THINKING about how to CREATE the right conditions to start yielding the RESULTS you want in your life and FINANCES. Your gestation period maybe a few months or a few years but if you DO the RIGHT things consistently you will certainly bear FRUIT.

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