To thine own self be true

To improve our relationship with money we need to do three things. First we need to understand money and it’s rules. We then need to truly understand ourselves. Finally we need to understand how we relate with money. It is like a relationship between husband and wife. The wife needs to understand the husband and vice versa. The wife and husband need to understand themselves as well. They both then need to understand how to relate to each other harmoniously.

The challenge is that many of us don’t really know who we are. This can cause a loss of self-confidence on our part. It may also cause us to pursue careers, projects, and money making schemes which are not aligned to who we truly are. Self confidence is key to attainment of success in any endeavor. Acting contrary to our true selves often leads to internal conflict and stress and anxiety.

A simple way to understand ourselves better is to do a personality test. There are many tools available online. I have personally used a simple tool based on the Myers Briggs personality indicator and it was quite revealing.

If interested you can take the free personality test by following this link:

It may also be helpful for people in relationships to take the test and share their results with each other. It is also helpful for people working in teams at work.

Once you understand your personality better you can then begin to work on your relationship with money by pursuing interests and money goals which are true to yourself.

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