The Law of Supply

The Law of Supply basically states that there is an over abundance of each and everything we could ever desire and need. Nature has provided everything we could ever need. The fact that we lack money or anything else in our lives is not God’s problem. The visible supply is unlimited. Uganda as a country can feed the entire African continent. The fact that we are not even able to feed ourselves is really a limitation of our mindsets.

The invisible supply where all creative ideas come from is really infinite. You can literally dream up anything and nature will supply it to you in visible form. The Law of supply is activated by the DESIRES we impress upon infinite intelligence. So hold the desire for immense wealth, health and happiness in your MIND and sooner or later it will come to you. The fact that you maybe currently broke does not mean that you can’t become RICH.

The secret of the Law lies in one’s consciousness. A man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things he possesses, but in the consciousness of that which he has. Man possesses the whole world and all its wealth, yet is only able to enjoy what his consciousness permits him to discern.

The thing we dare not do is to fret and worry about supply or about where our next shilling is coming from. Fretting and worry tend to restrict and limit the supply at hand. They tend to close off the outflow of substance, whether that flow is small or large. Instead of lifting us out of limitation, instead of improving our conditions or increasing our supply, they drag us deeper into the throes of doubt and fear. Instead of expecting more to follow, we grow tense and anxious, which increases our fear and brings us less and less. Instead of tightening up in our thinking, we must relax and be more expanding. We must educate our minds to a larger state of thinking. When we can think and realize more abundance, we shall receive more abundantly. This does not mean that the engineer is destined to be rich while the farmer remains poor. There are poor engineers and rich farmers. It is not the vocation that determines riches, but the demands we make of our vocations that determine riches. As we are able to think and to realize more abundance out of what we already have, we shall not only expand our thinking, but receive more abundantly.

This is the basic principle of the Law.

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