Solve your financial problems

Each problem has a solution. You just have to find the solution and then do it. No need to endlessly worry about financial problems yet we could be busy implementing the solution.

First you need to correctly PERCEIVE if what you are facing is really a problem. Sometimes the real issue is hidden deep underneath in our minds and we may often solve the problem by simply changing the way we look at things. Imagine an independent objective person looking at the same problem. Do you think they will agree with your assessment of the problem?

Next you need to take massive selfless and persistent ACTION to solve the problem. No excuses. Act now and with faith and persistence. If your income is too low you need to give up TV, social media, and chilling on weekends to get a second job. You may need to enroll for evening classes as well to improve your skills. If you are too deep in debt you need to sell the car and get a small apartment. No feeling sorry for yourself. Just do it.

Finally whatever happens you need to willingly ACCEPT all outcomes life throws at you. If the business does not work out maybe you are in the wrong business and it’s time to get into the right one. If a job doesn’t work out maybe you are slated for bigger things to come. If a spouse leaves you maybe they are making room for a better spouse. If you fall sick maybe you needed the rest and self reflection. If you lose all your money maybe God is teaching you a valuable lesson in humility and learning to depend on Him.

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