It is OK to desire to be RICH

The Money Engineer

Desire is the first step to attainment of riches. You can’t get something you don’t want. So dream big. Fantasize of visiting distant lands. Pretend to have vast amounts of wealth. Dream of doing things you truly love and are passionate about. Think of the many people you might be able to help with all your wealth. Imagine never worrying about money ever again.

It is a sin to be poor. We are God’s highest form of creation. We do not conform. We create and change our environments to suit us. Don’t be average. Strive to become the best version of yourself. You have everything you need to become very rich. You are blessed beyond measure. Everything you touch turns into gold.

You have amazing gifts and talents. You are a money magnet. Money loves your company. Money is your servant. Money comes easily to you in ever increasing amounts from multiple sources.

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