How to become WEALTHY by letting go

Nature does not like vacuums or empty spaces. It always tries to fill empty spaces with something. That is why a plastic bottle will be crushed if you suck the air out. If you pour water on the floor it will spread until it finds a barrier as it tries to fill the space. This phenomenon of nature always trying to fill empty spaces is usually referred to as the vacuum principle.

This vacuum principle can also be applied in our lives. Recently I noticed a lot of old clothes I had not worn for a long time. So I gave them all out to one of my associates. He was quite excited to receive so many clothes. All of a sudden my closet looked empty.

Out of the blue my wife decided to take me shopping at Mr. Price and told me to pick out whatever I wanted. My closet was once again full but this time with new clothes. I reflected on what had just transpired. By letting go of my old stuff I was able to receive new clothes.

I wondered if this could apply to other areas of my life. What if I let go of my old beliefs about money? What if I gave up my bad money habits? What if I let go of my limiting beliefs? What if I let go of my lazy ways? What if I exchanged my scarcity mindset for an abundant mindset? What if I was more generous?

I realized I could allow good things to happen to me if only I could let go of my old ways.

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