Harvest cash

The other day I harvested a large banana from my backyard farm. My backyard farm sits on a 100x100ft plot and has 90 banana plants, 500 fish and 50 kuroiler chicken. It got me reflecting on what it took to harvest this banana and what lessons can be drawn to improve our personal finances.

Several years earlier we acquired the land with the ultimate view of establishing an urban farm in the interim and eventually an apartment block. So learn to develop and act on your long range plans. This plot was then fenced off to prevent random cows and goats from destroying our plantation. So learn to fence off your ideas and plans from random people and things which may discourage you.

Next I cleared the land and dag the holes. I hired some local boys in the neighborhood. So here we learn to delegate tasks to people who are best suited for the roles. No point in doing everything yourself. I had no idea how to grow bananas so I visited a friendly neighbor who had a banana plantation and he was more than glad to show me how things are done. So learn to acquire knowledge from people who have demonstrable competence in the area you want to venture into.

Next I bought the seedlings from a local company which does tissue culture. I also bought organic manure from Ugachick. Learn to partner with people/companies who can make your dreams come true. I then applied the manure in the holes and planted the seedlings. The seedlings were quite tiny and fragile. Here we learn how to plant ideas in our minds. The manure represents the nourishment we provide for our ideas by reflecting daily on our dreams and goals. We should also associate with people and information which reinforces our dreams.

Next I set up an irrigation scheme and watered the seedlings daily. Here we learn to to constantly work on our ideas, goals, dreams, and projects and to leave no room for chance or bad outcomes. I also had to weed the garden on a monthly basis. Learn to resolve problems and issues as they come along. Don’t take chances with problems which may set you back on your way to success.

Sure enough a year later according to the laws of nature I am beginning to harvest bananas. See you can’t harvest what you have not sowed. There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping. You can’t harvest and sow at the same time. One comes after the other. Success will come at a predetermined time after sowing. Just cooperate with nature and God to give you want you want. Plant the seed and let God do the rest. Learn to harvest without complaint and enjoy and share the fruits of your harvest.

When I planted the banana I could not see the banana fruit but I had faith that there was a banana inside that plant. I didn’t make the banana grow. The tiny banana seedlings absorbed nutrients from the ground, and sunlight and air from the atmosphere, and turned them into a banana. You have no idea how your dreams will come about. Just plant the idea in your mind and persistently act on it.

There is money you can’t see inside that idea/project/job/service/relationship. Just nourish it and be patient.

Soon you will harvest cash.

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