Half Year Progress Report on my MONEY GOALS

So 2019 is half way done. How are you fairing in your wallet? Is your money behaving well? Or is your money behaving like a spoiled little child? Always making unreasonable demands and keeping you awake at night. Always complaining, nagging you and causing you pain and anxiety.

Do you finally have a grip on your money? At the beginning of the year I had a few MONEY GOALS:

1. I wanted to save at least 20% of my income. As at June 2019 I am saving over 50% of my income;
2. I wanted to diversify my income. As of June 2019 I have invested in a small manufacturing business. The business started operations in May 2019 and though not yet profitable growth is impressive.
3. I wanted to expand our Forestry Project. In May we established an additional 10 acres of Pine forest.
4. I wanted to help people improve their Financial Literacy. I established the Money Engineer page in February 2019 and I post one article daily. The page now has over 150 articles, over 1,000 followers with a post reach of over 100,000 views. My goal is to reach a million people by February 2020.
5. I wanted to invest a specific amount of money in Financial Assets. I have achieved over 50% of that amount as at 30th June 2019. My financial assets can now sustain me for over 20 months.
6. I wanted to track all my financial transactions. I am currently tracking 100% of all my income and expenses. It is now an ingrained automatic habit! I am totally aware of my spending patterns. Information is power and knowledge of my spending habits has enabled me to make gradual improvements in my personal finances.
7. I wanted to be debt free by end of year. I managed to pay off my outstanding loans and I currently have no debts at all.

So from the available data presented here I am on my way to achieving my MONEY GOALS for 2019.

So how about you? Maybe you should also do a half year review of your personal finances. If you don’t have any money goals for 2019 you still have 6 months. It is not too late to set some MONEY GOALS for the rest of the year.

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