Focus on things within your control

Mastering your personal finances requires that you start to focus on things you can control and that matter. Many people tend to focus on things outside their control. This often leads to a lot of frustration and unhappiness.

Don’t focus on all the corruption stories in the news. As an individual you can’t really do anything about it. Instead perform your job and businesses with integrity. Corruption has never stopped enterprising people from making money the right way.

You don’t have to focus on all the poverty around you. Instead choose to become rich and lift your family out of poverty.

Stop focusing on poor service delivery by the government. Set up businesses with better service and make money instead of complaining to no end. Build better schools and hospitals instead of complaing about the poor education and health system.

Stop focussing on all the unemployment you see. Instead exploit the opportunities around you. Employment is created by you and me and not by the government.

Don’t curse the traffic because you can’t wish it away anyhow. Listen to an audio book instead or walk and exercise a bit.

Don’t hate your job. Use the company’s internet to learn new skills and apply for another job. Your current job is the spring board for your next opportunity.

Work on things you can control to improve your finances. Improve your knowledge, skills and attitude. Offer better service to your customers. Control your expenses. Become more productive. Choose to be financially successful. You don’t have to fit in within everyone else. Choose to be debt free. Learn to invest wisely. Save 10% of your salary.

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