Become more valuable to get rich

Every effect has a cause. Money is an effect. The causes are varied. One of the biggest causes within your control is the value you bring to the market place.

Increasing your value will increase the money coming to you. So how does one increase their value?

You do more. You know more. You do it with a smile. Just these three things can get you to the top of your chosen vocation.

Being part of a group that inspires you to do and know more shortens the learning curve to financial freedom.

That is why we are doing the MONEY BREAKFAST this Friday 27th September 2019 starting 7.00am to 8.00am at Cafe Javas – Oasis mall.

Napoleon Hill often talked about the power of a Master Mind. We are creating one. All successful people have an effective group of people who help them achieve their dreams.

If this sounds interesting inbox and confirm attendance. We are looking for 10 people max.

Hurry while slots last.

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