Why I stopped watching TV

TIME is MONEY. Time is our most valuable resource. It then follows that to acquire wealth we need to invest our time wisely. Yet we squander our time in all sorts of unproductive things.

Your current bank balance is a direct reflection of how you are investing your time. We have all been given 24 hours a day yet some people to do a better job with their time.

You have to be ruthless with how you allocate your time if you want to acquire wealth. Maybe you should not be watching TV that much. Maybe you should wake up one hour earlier and read a personal development book. Are your weekends productive? What do you do after work? Maybe you should not waste so much time on social media. Maybe you should be acquiring more marketable skills instead of accepting each and every wedding invitation.

I realized that mass media and social media is designed to grab our attention so that companies and people can sell us stuff through advertising. So I simply stopped watching TV one year ago. I also no-longer watch news and don’t read newspapers. News is often biased and is usually negative to capture your attention. I also stopped listening to radio. Instead I spend this time reading productive books, watching stimulating YouTube channels, writing, working out, and listening to podcasts.

You have to become intentional in how you spend your time because TIME is MONEY. Guard it jealously.

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